Sale of MAF Kharkiv on Saltovka

Room type Commercial space
Area 31.5m2
Price 280000UAH
AddressGuardsmen Shironintsev 62
District Moscow district
Markst. Guards Shironitsev, TP "Ocean +", st. Buchma


Trade pavilion 31 sq. M in Severnaya Saltovka, at st. Gv.Shironintsev, 62. The pavilion is located on the red line, next to a public transport stop. Which provides intensive pedestrian and car traffic. Nearby there is a trading platform “Ocean +”, a branch of New Mail, many commercial facilities. It is possible to place outdoor advertising to attract the attention of potential buyers. Power grid power 10 kW. In the presence of a land lease agreement with KP. Suitable for both your own business and for renting. The cost may vary due to the dollar exchange rate.


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