Rent a pavilion of 40 m2 near the Machine Builders Park

Room type Commercial space
Area 40m2
Price 20000UAH
Address st. Chernomorskaya, 5
District Slobidsky district
Mark Mashinostroiteley Park (Artem Park), st. Chernomorskaya, st. Mukhacheva (Voykovo St.)


A pavilion of 40 m2 is for rent on the red line at the intersection of st. Chornomorska and st. Mukhachova (Voikovo). Nearby is one of Kharkiv’s largest parks, Machine Builders Park (formerly Artem Park). The commercial space has two separate entrances, large display windows for advertising, and 10 kW of electricity. Perfect for trading any type of products. Thanks to the absence of large stores and supermarkets nearby, you will be in great demand.

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