Sale of MAF near the bus stop

Room type Commercial space
Area 31.5 m2
Price 255000 UAH
Address st. Lesya Serdyuka, 10
District Kyiv district
Mark m. Heroes of Labor, area "Springs", st. Lesya Serdyuka


The trade pavilion of 31.5 m2 is located in Saltovka, the Rodniki district, at a ground transport stop on the street. Lesya Serdyuka, 10 (former K. Kork St.). Red Line, a large densely populated residential area. The road leads out of town and provides a lot of traffic. Has two entrances, panoramic windows, power supply 10 kW. The pavilion is easily removable and can be transported. There is a land lease agreement with KP “Modern City”. The cost may vary due to the dollar exchange rate.

st. Lesya Serdyuka, 10

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