Rent of premises from 14 m2 on Kholodnaya Gora

Room type Commercial space
Area 44m2
Price 600UAH
Addressst. Poltava Shlyakh, 190
District Kholodnohirsky district
Markst. Poltava shlyakh, st. Kashuby, Cadet Corps


New project of retail premises on Kholodnaya Gora. Shops with an area of ​​14 m2, 28 m2 or 44 m2 are located in a densely populated residential area at 190 Poltava Shlyakh between Kharkov University of Telecommunications and the Cadet Corps. Captures two transport stops (bus and tram). Very intensive traffic is provided to you. Pavilions of a new type, tiles on the floor, plastic walls, LED lighting, sufficient power for the operation of any equipment. Rent from 600 UAH / m2. Your store may be here. Grow your business with us

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