Shop for rent 149 m2 in the center


Room type Commercial space
Area 149m2
Price Rented
Address st. Shevchenko, 1
District Kyiv district
Mark st. Shevchenko, st. Marshal Bazhanov, Humpback Bridge


I will lease a shop with a good repair. Located on the red line on the street. Shevchenko, 1 (intersection of Marshal Bazhanov street and Shevchenko street). A recognizable place with a very large car traffic. The flow of potential customers is guaranteed to you! The total area is 149 m2, the main entrance to the premises is from the “red line”. Second exit to the courtyard – for parking and loading goods with the possibility of arrival of trucks The premise consists of a large sales area (112 m) with large windows and two office premises (10 m2 + 27 m2). The store has all communications, high-speed internet, fire alarm, ceiling height 3 m.

Rent 26000 UAH / month + utility bills


Tel. 095 563 63 75, 068 195 09 08 Olga Viktorovna


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