st. Valentinivska, 18-G

Room type Commercial space
Area 26.5 m2
Price 130000 UAH 105000 UAH
Addressst. Valentinivska, 18-G
District Moscow district
MarkSaltovka, metro Studencheskaya, market, st. Blukhera, 521 microdistrict


The shopping pavilion 26.5 m2 is located on the central alley near the exit of st. m.Studentskaya (St. Valentinivska, 18-G). Nearby there is a ground transport stop and a large residential area, which provide intensive pedestrian traffic. The pavilion has a separate entrance, protective shutters on the windows and doors, power supply 5 kW. There is a land lease agreement. The cost may vary due to the dollar exchange rate.