Rent of shops from 10 m2 to 40 m2 in the center of the Gosprom metro station

Room type Commercial space
Area 10 m2
Price 385 UAH
Address Trinkler Street 2
District Shevchenko district
Mark Metro Derzhprom, Freedom Square, st. Trinkler


Stores for rent with an area from 10 m2 to 40 m2. in a shopping center located next to Svoboda Square at st. Trinklera, 2. Due to the proximity of many commercial and educational facilities (hotel “Kharkov”, hotel “Kharkov Palace”, metro, Karazin University, etc.) traffic is enormous. The premises have been renovated in the “Loft” style, there is a choice of premises with water. The rental price is 385 UAH / m2 + utilities. To rent premises and additional advice, call (068) 450 05 08