What you should know about SAF?

Everyone who, in one way or another, has come across the lease of premises, has at least once seen the frequently used abbreviation SAF. It stands for “Small architectural form”. There are 2 main types of such buildings: decorative (sculptures, fountains, etc.) and utilitarian (for example, trade booths, pavilions-shops from 5m2 to 80m2) – it is this type that is in great demand among tenants.

Retail premises, regardless of purpose, are manufactured according to (individual scheme, have a reliable, metal-plastic construction, front windows, most often a separate entrance (except for kiosks that sell goods through a window), insulated walls, equipped with electricity, sometimes with water supply. makes it possible to harmoniously, ideally fit into the architecture of our city.

The key feature of such buildings, and at the same time their advantage, is quick installation and, at the same time, the durability of the structures. Most often, parts for installation are made of high-strength metal alloys that can withstand seasonal temperature changes and mechanical damage. SAF can be found both in metropolitan areas and in small towns, their reliability, compactness, lack of need for repairs and long service have made buildings incredibly popular in the trade industry of various directions (from vegetable stalls to small clothing stores). In addition, for the stable operation of the SAF, you do not need to make extra efforts and financial resources – another huge advantage for both large enterprises and small businesses.

In Kharkiv, tenants are provided with a huge variety of small architectural forms that are applicable to different branches of trade.