What you need to know when starting a business in the IAF?

MAF is an excellent solution for entrepreneurial activity both at the initial stages of business development and as its expansion. Kiosks and shopping pavilions in many areas have more advantages over stone buildings (for example, no need for constant repairs). That is why aspiring entrepreneurs often wonder what is required to open a LFA for the purpose of trade?
Undoubtedly, this process cannot be called absolutely easy, but if you follow a clearly outlined plan, then everything will go smoothly.
1. First of all, your commercial activity must have a legal registration, for example, as a legal entity (LLC) or a private entrepreneur.
2. The Department of Urban Development must give you permission to install the LFA for the purpose of doing business. In big cities, good trading platforms can even hold a tender if there are several who want to get a place. Also, this document must be agreed with the city department of trade. When renting a ready-made kiosk, the situation is greatly simplified.
3. Analyze the market and competitors in order to outline the future strategy for selling your products.
4. Find the most suitable location for installing or renting a kiosk. Of course, if possible, you need to look for an area that will provide a large influx of buyers (business centers, university hostels, residential complexes).
5. Calculate the future costs of opening a kiosk or pavilion (registration of permits, purchase of equipment, salary for employees and, in some cases, rental rate).
6. Purchase the necessary equipment (for example, cash registers (must be registered with the tax office), refrigerators, special lighting, etc.). By the way, when renting there is also not always everything you need.
7. Select staff (as a rule, 2 employees are enough for small trade pavilions).
It usually takes one to three months to receive all documents allowing for commercial activities. You also need permission from the fire inspection, insurance, registration of cash registers. Further progress according to the plan is much easier.