Office rental: features of the search for premises

For any enterprise, a well-equipped office is extremely important to provide the most comfortable working environment that meets all standards. That is why you need to be very careful when choosing the premises that you are going to rent, so that they are fully suitable for the type of activity you need in all respects.


Are you planning to receive visitors? – this is the first question you should ask yourself before renting commercial real estate for an office. If so, then you should think about renting more spacious rooms where you can equip a reception or even a conference room. In addition, if there are visitors, it is worth paying more attention to the appearance of the building, the quality of the repair, it is also advisable to install a sign and it is better to choose a location that will be easy to find in the city. In the absence of visitors, the task of choice becomes much easier, and your goal is to simply find premises, starting from as many employees as possible. In some cases, even a small LFA is sufficient, for example, for an office by ordering windows.


Real estate placement. Of course, it is most convenient to rent an office near traffic intersections. However, this is not always of paramount importance, since employees may have their own cars or public transport stops are located within walking distance. If an enterprise is associated with the production or supply of large volumes of goods, then premises should be rented next to production or warehouses. Also, for the convenience of the company’s employees, it will be better to look for real estate near the necessary urban infrastructure (catering, shops, banks, etc.).


Prepare yourself to spend a lot of time to find an office property that will suit all your preferences. In large cities (including Kharkiv) there are much more offers, and the chances of renting the premises you need are much higher.