5 reasons why you should rent a street retail

Commercial real estate on the ground floor, a separate entrance, large windows and shop windows that can be used to place visual advertisements – these are far from all the reasons for the popularity of street retail rentals. The advantages of this type of non-residential premises make them one of the most desirable properties. That is why, even at the design stage of modern new buildings, the first floor is often reserved for shops, beauty salons, restaurants and much more.


Older buildings are also often transferred to the non-residential category, but this is somewhat more complicated due to bureaucratic considerations and other procedures that ensure the life of the premises. For example, an important condition is the presence of separate communications or, at least, the ability to make the system stand-alone. In addition, such premises cannot be rented if they do not comply with fire and sanitary safety standards.


Offers for renting street retailers rarely go unanswered, especially in big cities (including Kharkiv), since such premises can provide a steady flow of buyers for many trade sectors. Here are a few reasons why entrepreneurs are looking to rent such a commercial property:
1. Street retail is great for selling products or services focused on demonstration (clothing store, bakery, hairdresser, etc.). The reason is simple: the location on the ground floor creates the effect of accessibility and visibility of products, which is why such premises are most often rented by business owners that attract customers through visual;
2. Simplification of the buying process. The ability not to climb the stairs for shopping is one of the main advantages of such stores, which significantly expands the circle of potential buyers;
3. An excellent platform for impulse purchases, especially for shops and other types of establishments located on the ground floors of residential buildings, since you don’t need to go somewhere special for shopping – they are right on the way from work;
4. Versatility: the street retail format is suitable both for placing ordinary grocery stores, souvenir shops or pharmacies, as well as for more original options, such as a travel agency, atelier or a small cafe;
5. Profitable investment of funds. The rental price of this type of retail space can be quite high, but due to the stable pedestrian traffic and the attractiveness of street retail for the consumers themselves, they pay off quickly enough.