Beauty salon in LFA – a profitable business idea

Renting a LFA is a popular solution for many types of entrepreneurial activity both in small settlements and in large cities (including Kharkiv). Kiosks and trade pavilions are actively used not only for small businesses, but also for large ones.


The opening of a beauty salon, or even better – a network of salons, is the dream of many women. Unfortunately, at the initial stages of business development, financial opportunities are quite limited, and renting or buying a LFA is one of the most profitable options.


This type of commercial property has several advantages over classic stone buildings. Among the main advantages are the absence of the need for permanent repairs and a low price. The downside is that not the entire list of services provided in beauty salons is available in small premises. For example, a haircut, massage, manicure or make-up is all feasible, while some types of cosmetology or spa treatments will be more difficult to organize. As a rule, in all trade pavilions it is possible to carry out the necessary communications (electricity, water supply). Heating is most often carried out with the help of heaters, plus the walls are sheathed with heat-insulating materials from the inside, which makes it possible to ensure the comfort of those inside the room.


Thus, renting this type of commercial real estate is a great start for a business in the field of beauty and health, which, with a competent approach, gives excellent profits and a large number of opportunities for expansion.


A few important points to consider when opening a beauty salon at the LFA:
1. Provide legal registration of your commercial activity (LLC or sole proprietor);
2. Engage in competitor analysis to develop a business strategy and quality service delivery;
3. Make sure you are renting a space in which it will be most convenient for you to place all the necessary equipment and perform procedures;
4. It is advisable to rent a shopping pavilion in places with busy pedestrian traffic; beauty salons are best placed in residential areas;
5. You should not save on equipment, quality of furniture and other auxiliary elements, often the success of a beauty salon directly depends on them.