Benefits of renting offices

A common dilemma: buy or rent an office. The practice and experience of entrepreneurs show that, despite the opinion that it is “better to have your own,” renting premises wins a purchase in many respects. The modern real estate market offers a lot of options: from newfangled business centers for large companies to MAF for small businesses (for example, for the manufacture of custom-made windows).


Why do many people choose to rent an office?


1. Few people like the complex and lengthy process of obtaining the necessary documentation. In this case, you are relieved of the need to register property rights, only a lease agreement, which is much faster, since it does not even need a notary certification (for less than 3 years). All this significantly saves time that can be spent on creating ideas for business development.
2. Large selection of options. Depending on the type of enterprise, you can rent an office in a business center, residential building, non-residential premises (administrative buildings, former industrial facilities) or even in the MAF (the area of ​​modern shopping pavilions is enough to conveniently accommodate jobs for several people). Such a choice allows you to find and rent a room that will perfectly suit all technical characteristics and, of course, at a price.
3. No need to worry about room maintenance. In most cases, the landlord takes on the issues of electricity, heat and water supply, building security, and repair work.


There is no definite answer to the question of which office to rent, and professionals recommend relying on personal selection criteria. First of all, it is worth determining for yourself what is of paramount importance specifically for your enterprise. For example, in certain cases, location can play a significant role (if you are going to receive clients or if you need an office close to warehouses).


Since it is far from always possible to rent offices in the central districts of the city that are convenient in many respects, you should choose a location near a public transport stop. If the company has its own transport, it is advisable to find premises with parking nearby. In this case, only one example of real estate search by key criterion is considered, but your goal is to define your own and start choosing, starting from it.