Catering with a summer veranda is a great way to increase profits

You can endlessly list the advantages of a summer terrace for visitors to cafes and restaurants. Much more interesting is the question of what benefits it brings to the owners of establishments. Often, when choosing premises for purchase or rent, such seemingly insignificant details are rarely thought about. Many consulting companies that specialize in commercial real estate are inclined to believe that the summer terrace really increases the institution’s revenue. Studies have shown that in the summer, cafes and restaurants with an open veranda increased their income by about a third, and if they are located in the city center, almost doubled.


However, it should be understood that even having rented a room for a restaurant with the possibility of opening a summer terrace, this does not guarantee you a stable increase in the volume of revenue, since, unfortunately, it is far from always possible to expect a complete filling of the hall. Most often, if there is free space on the street and indoors, visitors will prefer outdoor activities, which will make the main hall empty.


It is a completely different matter if you manage to rent a room on a pedestrianized street with high traffic, which will constantly catch the eye of people passing by. It will not be difficult for such a cafe to quickly gain popularity, which ultimately will allow to achieve the desired effect – the hall is full and there is a queue from waiting for a free table. In such cases, renting commercial premises with the possibility of installing a summer veranda is a great way to increase the number of seats, and therefore profit. Moreover, experts are confident that in the summer, open-air establishments without seating can even lose some of the visitors, as they will opt for cafes and restaurants with a veranda.