Fast food at MAF: practicality and aesthetics in one place

In large cities (including Kharkiv), LFAs have earned particular popularity due to their versatility and the ability to provide comfortable work for many areas of activity. Among the owners of small fast food, kiosks and trade pavilions are in great demand for many reasons:


  • favorable rental price;
  • convenient placement of all necessary cooking devices (ovens, grills, deep fryers, refrigerators, coffee machines, furniture, etc.);
  • the ability to install a ventilation system;
  • with a sufficiently large area, you can put several tables for a comfortable rest of visitors.


Renting a LFA to create small fast food cafes is a widespread solution among many entrepreneurs. Trade pavilions are designed in such a way that during operation they do not differ much from full-fledged buildings in terms of their characteristics.


Some may be embarrassed that the pavilions look less attractive, but the days of monotonous metal structures are long gone. Modern trade pavilions look bright and original. Among the most popular LFA exterior decoration options are facade cassettes and linear panels, which look more stylish and modern. Most shopping pavilions have large windows, which provide good illumination of the premises and allow them to be decorated in a suitable style.


In addition, a lot is decided by the fact that you can repaint it in any color, as well as place outdoor advertising on it: from simple stickers on display windows to glowing lightboxes on the roof. It is important to remember that if you are renting a shopping pavilion, then the installation of additional elements at the LFA should be coordinated with the owner.


If your goal is a small fast food with takeaway food, then it will be enough for you to rent a LFA with an area of ​​about 9 m2, and if you want to install several tables so that customers can dine with you, then you will need from 15 to 30 m2. In this case, everything already depends on the scale and individual characteristics of your enterprise.


What do you need to open fast food in Ukraine?


The most important and one of the most difficult stages is obtaining permission to sell food products. In parallel with this, you need to register with the tax office in your area. Registration begins at the city administration, where you end up with all the necessary documentation, where you can also ask your questions, since the features of opening a catering in different cities may differ slightly. Particular attention should be paid to hygiene standards and fire safety, since inspections by sanitary and fire inspectors are mandatory.