Features of the choice of premises for a bar

The bar business in big cities (including Kharkov) is actively developing and many new establishments open every month. The demand for them is quite high, however, there are also a lot of bars that close after a short time. The most common reasons for the decline of a business is the rental of real estate with an inappropriate location or interior arrangement.


First of all, you should really pay attention to the location of the premises that you are going to rent. The success of the establishment will be ensured by busy streets with a lot of pedestrian traffic. The best option would be to give preference to the first floors of non-residential buildings, since, being located in residential buildings, you will have to invest additional funds in high-quality sound insulation, ventilation system, and so on.


Choosing a location that matches your target audience and bar concept plays a huge role. You should not avoid places with high competition, in most cases people come to the streets with a large selection of establishments in order to be able to find what they really like. The rental of commercial real estate near business centers will also have a positive effect on business development, since it becomes possible to attract visitors on weekdays at lunchtime and in the evening.


When renting commercial premises for a bar, it is extremely important to make sure that the necessary communications are available and their working order. Ventilation, electricity, water supply, sewerage – the operation of the bar directly depends on the stable functioning of these components. In addition, make sure that the room you choose has the ability to create the necessary surroundings that will allow guests to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere corresponding to the concept of the bar.