Fire safety in warehouse premises

When renting premises for a warehouse, you should pay attention not only to standard technical characteristics such as total area, ceiling height, serviceability of communications, etc., but also pay special attention to fire safety. A responsible approach will avoid a lot of additional financial costs and other difficulties.


In some cases, the owner of non-residential real estate leases it out with a fully equipped fire safety system. However, each type of goods stored in the warehouse requires a special approach in this matter, which means that it is far from always profitable to install a system, which will eventually have to be changed. Therefore, you should not completely rely on the landlord, and you must yourself make sure that your products are stored in accordance with all safety standards.


The requirements of the Ministry of Emergencies are that when storing any substances in a warehouse, it is important to take into account their flammability and other chemical properties, for example, the possibility of oxidation, self-heating, reaction to high humidity, contact with air, etc.


It is recommended to install internal fire hydrants in the most accessible areas of the premises: directly at the entrances to the warehouse, on staircases, in corridors and lobbies. Make sure that the location of the cranes does not interfere with the evacuation of people.


Products should be at least 0.5 m away from light sources. All electrical equipment should be de-energized at the end of the working day. If there is no automatic fire alarm in the rented premises, then this is one of the first questions, the solution of which should not be postponed.


Automatic fire extinguishing installations can be found not in every warehouse (most often in buildings of category A and B), since the cost of such equipment is quite high. One of the conditions for the mandatory presence of a fire extinguishing system are warehouses with a rack height of more than 5 m, as well as rooms in which liquefied combustible gases, combustible fibers and dust, flammable and flammable liquids, woolen and fur products are stored.