How to advertise on a trade pavilion?

Renting LFA (little architectural forms) has long been one of the most profitable solutions for doing business. Kiosks and shopping pavilions are truly versatile: they are suitable for the sale of food products, stationery, technical devices and other small goods. Moreover, modern technologies make it possible to equip the LFA as a beauty salon, workshop and even a small cafe.


Despite the presence in large cities (including Kharkiv) of huge supermarkets, consumers often prefer buying essential goods in small stores or kiosks to them, at least because it avoids standing in long lines. Not in every area you can find large shopping centers, unlike shopping pavilions, which are massively located in most residential areas. That is why LFA rental is so popular among entrepreneurs.


Due to the large number of shopping pavilions, the competition between them is quite high and the need to stand out from the rest is increasing. One of the basic options, without which it is difficult to imagine any premises for a store, is outdoor advertising. Bright banners and glittering illuminated signs cannot fail to attract attention, which is already a great advantage.



It is important to remember: when renting shopping pavilions, one of the conditions of the contract is often the need to return the premises to the owner in their original form upon termination, so it is better to negotiate all proposed changes in advance.


The main types of advertising design for the LFA


Stickers for shop windows. One of the most budgetary types of advertising that will suit most kiosks and shopping pavilions. There are almost always windows on any of them, and all that is required is to take measurements and develop a design that displays the variety of goods or services sold. The image is printed on a large format printer and easily fixed to the surface. Stickers are suitable not only for decorating shop windows, but also walls and refrigerators.
Composite panels on the walls. They are made of aluminum or steel, consist of two sheets and an internal thermoplastic filler. Among the main functions that they perform are fire safety and maintaining a certain temperature inside the room. However, the ability to paint the panels in any color or even to apply complex patterns allows them to turn into an excellent element of outdoor advertising.
Signboards (classic and light). A great way to briefly provide information about the goods or services being sold and the location of the retail space. They can be installed on the front or side of the LFA (in the direction of pedestrian traffic). If you prefer a lightbox (light box), then this type of advertising will draw attention to your store even in the evening.
Sidewalk installations (signs). They perform the same function as signs – they provide concise information about products or services and attract buyers thanks to a creative approach to their design. The ability to change their location is one of their main advantages.