How to connect electricity to the shopping pavilion?

As a rule, when renting a kiosk or a shopping pavilion, you get premises with existing communications. If we are talking about buying such commercial real estate or land for it, then the question of connecting electricity almost always arises. Lighting, refrigerators and other equipment – modern trade in the MAF is hard to imagine without electricity.


Shopping pavilions are connected to the power grid through the nearest real estate: industrial enterprises, commercial and even residential buildings. In order to do this, you need to submit an application for connection to the owner of the premises, to the electrical network of which you will be connected, as well as to the supply company.


Even after receiving the agreement from both parties to the process, which were mentioned above, you will not be able to immediately start using electricity in the LFA until the contract itself is concluded. To do this, you will need to contact the specialists involved in the development of power supply projects in order to submit a ready-made solution for consideration and approval. A list of the complete set of documents that is required will be provided by the supplying company, but in all cases, a single-line diagram with the indicated main consumer groups, the location of the meter, the branch points and the ground loop is mandatory.


After approval of all the documentation, it is required to extend the line to the previously equipped connection point. The finished object is handed over to a special commission with representatives of the owner of the property to which the connection will be carried out, the electricity supplier and the customer. After passing the required set of tests, you receive an official permit for the use of electricity.


However, it is worth noting a significant disadvantage – this whole procedure is expensive, which will create additional difficulties for start-up entrepreneurs with limited financial resources.


Of course, the easiest way out is to buy or rent a shopping pavilion or kiosk with already installed communications, which will allow you to focus more on developing your business and reduce the number of associated difficulties. In big cities (including Kharkiv), it is much easier to find an offer to rent a MAF with all the necessary amenities to ensure the most comfortable work for your employees.