How to decorate a shopping pavilion for the New Year?

New Year is a holiday characterized as one of the brightest and most memorable of the year. Not the least role in this is played by spectacular decorations that we meet at every step and give an atmosphere of joy. Shops, which these days are faced with increased traffic, also cannot do without New Year’s surroundings, fluffy Christmas trees, colorful garlands and bright decorations – all this is a great way to attract customers and create a memorable image of the institution.


When renting shopping pavilions, you need to coordinate with the owner all major changes or repairs. However, in most cases, the New Year’s decor in retail premises does not need approval (except for devices with high energy consumption or elements that require large-scale changes in the appearance of the pavilion).


As a result, you have a lot of opportunities to create a colorful image for your store in the New Year. Buyers are almost always attracted by bright display cases and packaging, even if there is the simplest product. We have prepared for you several decor options that are suitable for most rented shopping pavilions.


Shop entrance


Western fashion has reached us too: Christmas wreaths on the door will soon become classics, as they are suitable for many establishments, regardless of the direction of activity, and always look elegant. Also, above the entrance (both from the outside and from the inside), you can add tinsel and garlands.


Commercial premises from the inside


You can start with the classics. For a very long time, tinsel and glass (or plastic) balls have been decorating not only Christmas trees, but also walls, shelves and shop windows. The balls can be placed in the corners, and garlands and tinsel will perfectly fit along the entire length of the decorated object. Also a great solution is window stickers, which are easy to fix and just as easy to remove.


The main thing is that the decor does not restrict access to goods and is securely fastened, it is necessary to ensure maximum safety in this matter, especially if it is a store that is often visited by visitors with children.


It is recommended to install a Christmas tree only if you are renting a room with a large area (preferably from 30 m2), so as not to create crowds and inconveniences for buyers.


It is not recommended to use decor suspended from ceilings, as in shopping pavilions, they are not high, and there is a chance that people entering will touch the suspended snowflakes and stars with their heads.


Gift items


If the assortment of your products allows, then it is better to bring New Year’s goods to the fore, whether it is a limited collection of juices with the addition of spices for winter mulled wine or festive shiny dresses. All this will immerse buyers in the festive atmosphere even more. If possible, offer customers a gift wrapping service.