Important nuances when renting offices

The choice of non-residential premises for your company, regardless of their purpose, includes many important features on which the stable operation of the enterprise directly depends. When choosing real estate where offices will be located, many factors should be taken into account.


Regardless of the type of activity of your company, in most often, when renting premises for an office, you should take into account the location of buildings relative to other important in your particular case objects (business centers, residential areas, shops, etc.), as well as a transport interchange.


Interior and facade.
Undoubtedly, in most cases the office is the face of the company and the presentable appearance of the premises plays an important role in the impression made on clients. However, if your occupation does not imply the presence of visitors (for example, an online store), then you can save money on renting commercial real estate in Kharkov and choose a simpler option.


Office premises require a large number of computers, office equipment and other components necessary for the stable operation of a company. That is why make sure that all the necessary communications are present in the building.


What to look for when concluding a contract?
• When renting an office space, make sure that the landlord himself has documents confirming his rights to the rented property;
• By entering into an agreement, the tenant must obtain the following rights: unhindered access to the property at any time; use of a land plot providing passage or passage directly to the building; the ability to provide access to real estate to third parties;
• The contract must clearly state the obligations of the tenant and landlord regarding the maintenance of the leased offices. The legislation provides an opportunity for the parties to independently distribute them. More often than not, the lessee undertakes minor repairs, and the lessor is engaged in major repairs.