Is it possible to open a nail salon at the LFA?

Renting a LFA is one of the most profitable and reliable solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, since the cost is much lower, and in terms of the opportunities provided by the premises, they are not much different from classic buildings. The range of business ideas for which shopping pavilions and small kiosks are rented is hard to imagine: from an ordinary grocery store to a shoe repair shop.


Why is LFA not suitable for all beauty salons?


It is not surprising that the beauty industry has adopted this experience and quite often uses the LFA for business. However, not in all cases the use of this type of premises is advisable, it all depends on the scale of your enterprise, as well as your plans and expectations regarding the pavilion.


For example, if you want to equip a waiting room and a kitchen for staff in a beauty salon, then in some cases the LFA area may not be enough. In addition, such a room is not suitable for all beauty services, and before renting a pavilion, you should carefully study its characteristics (availability of communications, location, area, etc.) in order to assess your capabilities and plan further activities.


Nail salon in the LFA: a convenient and inexpensive solution


With a nail salon, everything is much simpler, therefore, trade pavilions are most often chosen for them. The requirements for the premises for the provision of such services are quite feasible:


  • Working area for one master is not less than 6m2. Even in a budget LFA with an area of ​​15m2, you can comfortably accommodate two craftsmen and there will still be a place for storing equipment (ultraviolet lamps, containers for sterilization, lockers with materials);
  • Ventilation system and sewerage. In most shopping pavilions, you can easily find both, which means you can provide a comfortable work for your employees. LFA is much safer than basements, in which malfunctions of these systems are much more common.
  • Heating and hot water. It is quite difficult to provide centralized water supply and heating to such premises, but this problem has long been solved with the help of boilers and electric heaters. Modern technology has made these devices as safe and convenient as possible.
  • It is recommended to have two outputs. As a rule, most of the pavilions over 20 m2 have an emergency exit.
  • Hygiene standards: Requires a hand wash sink, disinfectant and sterilizer. The presence of water supply and electricity in the room (power of at least 5 kW) will perfectly solve this problem.