Office rental: what kind of furniture do you need?

Having rented an office, you want to immediately equip it at your own discretion, and if the repair work needs to be coordinated with the landlord, then in terms of furniture you have almost complete freedom. The next question that comes up is what furniture is best for office space? There are several nuances that will make your work more comfortable.



First of all, even at the stage of choosing premises for rent, you should ask yourself questions about the estimated number of employees and the types of office equipment that is planned to be installed, about expanding the business, whether you will receive visitors, how important comfort and external gloss are to you.


Then, having picked up real estate for rent, you can start planning the placement of jobs. If you realize that you are having difficulties, then many furniture companies provide the services of professional designers who will help make the workspace as ergonomic as possible.


Things to keep in mind:


  • One employee needs at least 3 m², where a table and other furniture necessary for work will already be installed + a small space to get around. For example, for 5 employees, the recommended area is from 15 m². Of course, if there is an urgent need, it is permissible to accommodate a larger number of people, but it should be borne in mind that the effectiveness of their work may decrease.


Staff placing


Ask yourself the question “How can you improve the performance of your employees?” If at this stage not everything is available to you, then provide them with the basic components:


  • work table (preferably with drawers). In the era of computerization, when for the most part workers use only a computer, and all documents are stored electronically, a huge table is not needed at all;
  • comfortable soft armchairs or chairs;
  • a small cabinet for storing personal belongings and office supplies (sometimes it comes with the table or is built into it, also a convenient option is a mobile bedside table on wheels);
  • a wardrobe, which is especially important in cold and rainy weather, so that the room looks neat and is not overcrowded with outerwear located on all horizontal surfaces;
  • lockers for office equipment. If the area does not allow them to be placed, shelves and add-ons for tables are a good alternative;
  • for office equipment: a convenient solution – skirting boards with holes for cables, suspended mobile trays for system units, pull-out keyboard shelves, perfectly saving space.