Promising ideas for New Year’s business


Very soon, the entire population will be engulfed in the pre-holiday bustle, because the main public holiday is approaching – New Year, perhaps one of the most profitable periods for various business areas. There are a lot of ideas: some are creative and suddenly become popular (the production of sweets in the form of New Year’s symbols), others are not always properly evaluated (creating scenarios for the holidays), and still others consistently give high profits in the New Year, regardless of any factors. Let’s talk about them in more detail.


Rental of premises for celebrations
If you have an empty property, then you can choose for yourself one of the laziest business ideas – just rent it out for those who want to celebrate. This is usually common among large companies (students, corporate, etc.), the most popular are country cottages or large studio apartments. New Year has long ceased to be a “family and home holiday”, but the desire of people to change their surroundings arises more and more often, and the prices for this service are 3-4 times higher than on ordinary days. And if you also provide tenants with musical equipment or a well-equipped kitchen, the price will be much higher. By the way, it is not necessary to own your own real estate, you can provide intermediary rental services.


LFA rentals for selling hot drinks or food
Such a business will be especially profitable in large festive areas or parks. In both cases, on the pre-holiday days, you can meet walking couples or families with children. A small MAF (kiosk or shopping pavilion) with hot mulled wine or cocoa, as well as hot dogs is an excellent solution for using a small commercial space, since the mouth-watering smells emanating from such outlets simply cannot fail to attract attention on frosty days. filled with a pre-holiday mood.


Sale of Christmas trees, Christmas tree decorations and souvenirs
Even though the competition is high, you can still make money selling New Year’s symbols. All you have to do is rent a small shopping pavilion on a busy street. It is advisable to rent a retail space in a residential area, since few people want to drag a newly purchased Christmas tree several kilometers to the house. In addition, if caring parents with children pass by a small MAF with souvenirs and toys, then it is quite possible that they will be interested in the offered products. The main thing here is not to repeat yourself and to distinguish yourself with great creativity and better quality than business competitors. By the way, you can sell not only individual souvenirs, but also beautifully packaged gift sets.