Stop pavilion is one of the best solutions for some types of business

Stop pavilions are one of the varieties of small architectural forms (SAF), which have been transformed from half-closed public transport stops. If earlier they were just a small canopy with benches for waiting, then over time they turned into a multi-profile structure, which also includes kiosks or large shopping pavilions. Such LFAs, as a rule, demonstrate a high level of economic efficiency due to one of the most profitable locations – in an area with a large concentration of potential buyers.


One of the reasons why many entrepreneurs prefer to rent a stop pavilion is that such a financial investment pays off quite quickly. This type of retail outlets is made from separate modules, its production and installation are much cheaper than the construction of a full-fledged building, and in terms of technical characteristics, a store in the MAF is not much inferior to a standard one.






Renting premises of this type, as a rule, already provides everything you need for successful trading:


  • Large display windows for a competent display of goods, you can also attach a bright banner to them;
  • Ability to install a sign;
  • There is a supply of all necessary communications: electricity, ventilation (may be natural or forced), sewerage (may be central or autonomous), electrical appliances are mainly used for heating;
  • The materials from which the trade pavilion is modeled (profiled sheet, composite siding) perfectly withstand various weather conditions (temperature and humidity fluctuations);
  • High-quality interior finishing (glass wool insulation, vapor barrier);
  • Repair work is required infrequently, and their cost, in most cases, is low;
  • High pedestrian traffic (public transport stops are rarely empty).


The main advantage, of course, is the affordable cost of renting bus shelters, which allows you to manage your funds more economically.


All that is required of you is compliance with all operating conditions. As a rule, the most profitable bus stop business ideas are grocery stores, coffee houses, fast food, small bakeries, shoe and clothing repair shops.