Trust management of commercial real estate: from finance to advertising

It does not matter whether you are the owner of a multi-square commercial premises (warehouse, store, office), or you are the owner of a small MAF (shopping pavilion). If there is not enough time to resolve issues in this area of ​​activity, you can always contact real estate trust management companies. Often there is an erroneous opinion that the function of such organizations is only to search for tenants, but, in fact, the list of services provided is much wider.


Financial management

Perhaps one of the most significant parts of trust management, thanks to which you can not worry about the safety and profitability of the premises in your property. From the company you receive detailed monthly and annual reports.
Specialists will take care of the formation of accounts and control of the accuracy and timeliness of payments, as well as, if necessary, accounts payable or receivable.


Managing rental relations

The company takes full responsibility for interaction with persons renting premises, works with incoming requests, renews and prolongs contracts. Full support of real estate lease agreements, control over the fulfillment of obligations under the agreement is carried out. The rental strategy is also being optimized.



In this case, more and more individually and even at the stage of concluding a trust management agreement, it is negotiated which issues the company decides on its own, and which ones it coordinates with the owner.
Typically, the range of services may include the following:
• Cosmetic repairs;
• Technical works (power supply, ventilation systems, water supply, etc.);
• Control of contractors.


Marketing services

For a stable profit from renting out the premises, an analysis of the object is carried out and strategies are developed to increase its profitability. All activities are offered to the owner as recommendations, and the final decision is made by him.
Individual marketing campaigns are created to promote the property on the market, their effectiveness is analyzed.


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