Types of finishing of trade pavilions

When such basic parameters as area, location, availability of communications and other parameters have already been taken into account, and it is necessary to choose among several options for premises for rent, then it will be useful to pay attention to their finishing. Even though it is not a key selection criterion, in some cases (for example, when trading in certain groups of goods) it can play a significant role.


Among the most common materials used for the decoration of the LFA (kiosks and shopping pavilions), the following are distinguished.


Classic smooth and profiled galvanized sheets


They are one of the most budgetary types of LFA cladding and not in all cases it can be used, especially if it is necessary to implement an interesting design option. The material itself is most often used for outbuildings, small warehouses and utility rooms. Such pavilions look quite simple, which means that the store is much less likely to attract customers. However, for small workshops for the repair of various kinds of products, such trade pavilions can be rented.


Classic smooth and profiled polymer coated sheets


In this case, the range of application is much wider: from security posts to grocery stores. The coating is durable, and also has more options for individual design. The walls can be easily painted in many shades, which makes it possible to achieve a sufficiently attractive appearance of the outlet. Quite often it is possible to rent trade pavilions with such coverage on the territory of the markets.


Linear panels


One of the most popular types of LFA finishes in our time, it gained popularity due to its durability (higher resistance to various weather conditions), as well as stylish and modern appearance. Renting a shopping pavilion with such a coating opens up many opportunities for creating an aesthetic design for a store. An important technical characteristic and distinctive feature of the panels are stiffening ribs, which ensure high strength of the connection.




Trade pavilions clad with siding are widespread in most cities (including Kharkiv). Their main advantage: variety in appearance and the ability to create many interesting and unusual design options: from an ordinary smooth sheet to imitation wood or brick.