Useful tips for the grocery business at the LFA

At first glance, it seems that opening a store in the LFA is one of the simplest business ideas, but in fact, it is not enough just to rent a shopping pavilion and purchase the required volume of commodity items. There are many nuances that directly affect the productivity of such a business.


Correspondence of showcase and goods in stock


Often, when renting an LFA, entrepreneurs almost immediately try to arrange it in accordance with the products being sold (for example, banners and products displayed in the windows). Unfortunately, over time, many forget about the need not only to update the range of products, but also to compare them with the showcase. Often, coming to a store or kiosk, customers are annoyed to find that the advertised product has long been out of stock, which leaves an unpleasant impression, so you should take care to minimize such situations by updating the design at least once a year or monitoring the availability of the necessary products.


Monitor the observance of the temperature regime in refrigerators


This applies to both soft drinks and meat products – each type of product has clear storage conditions, and it is extremely important to adhere to them. Refrigerating equipment can automatically change its settings at any time or simply fail, which is why it is recommended to check the temperature in refrigerators once or twice a day to ensure the normal quality of the goods sold.


When selling fast food and hot drinks, set up a bite to eat


If you have the opportunity to rent a shopping pavilion with an area of ​​15 m2 or more, then you can already place at least two tables there, which will greatly simplify the life of your customers, who no longer have to look for a place where they can comfortably settle down and have a quick snack. If the rented space is small, then you can mount shelves along the side walls of the store, which can often be found at fast food kiosks.


Organize regular promotions


Everyone knows the truth: buyers love great deals. Why not once a week, for example, on weekends, arrange promotions with the sale of certain groups of goods with a discount of 10 to 50%, everyone’s favorite 1 + 1 = 3, or even open cards with a cumulative system. Bright banners and price tags that draw attention to the storefront are a great way to lure shoppers into your store.