Varieties of outdoor advertising

The modern development of technologies for advertising placement cannot but amaze with its variety of options. Now, more often, your field of activity or the type of premises that you rent for this does not matter, since you can find a suitable type of outdoor advertising for almost everything.


Signboard. In the classic version – flat front plates above the entrance to the store (or next to it) with bright inscriptions and drawings informing about the direction of the institution. Modern signs amaze the imagination: volumetric, curly, backlit and much more. Most often they are made from aluminum composite panels, plexiglass and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


Lightposter (lightbox). A luminous volumetric structure on legs, into which advertising posters are installed from two opposite sides. In modern big cities (including Kharkiv), they are located near the bus stop pavilions, less often – next to the usual kiosks.


A light box is a more budgetary version of a light poster, it has space for a banner only on the front side and is evenly illuminated by LED lamps, hung on the wall (both outside and inside the building). The back is usually made of aluminum, acrylic or PVC plastic and has a long service life. In addition, it does not matter which room to rent, the light box is suitable for both a full-fledged building and a small shopping pavilion.


Banner on the whole wall. It is preferred if the main goal is to make the advertisement as visible as possible, it is quite difficult not to notice a bright object stretching across the entire wall. The main advantage is the low cost of such an element. If you single-handedly rent a store, then this decision can be quite reasonable.


Roof installations. Most often, you can find volumetric letters, as well as light panels and ordinary lightboxes, any of which is a great way to make an advertisement visible even from great distances. Such elements do not cause any particular difficulties in installation and dismantling, which means that they can be installed even in rented shopping pavilions.


Bracket panel. In terms of composition and principle of operation, it is not much different from a lightbox, the key feature is its location. The panel is mounted perpendicular to the wall in the manner of a signpost, so that it can be clearly seen by people walking along the street, so there is no need to turn your head to read the name of the store.


Pavement sign. One of the most affordable and mobile types of outdoor advertising. The folding floor structure consists of two parts, forming a kind of “house”. It can be placed in any convenient place next to the rented shopping pavilion. The pavement sign can serve both as an advertising element and as a sign.