What do you need to set up a clothing store?

A clothing store is one of the most common ideas for a small business, which, with a competent approach, allows you to quickly and easily get a good income. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to immediately start with expensive premises in shopping centers, in many cases it is enough to rent a MAF in a place with good traffic (near a residential area, metro or in the market). Trade pavilions are great for a store of casual, youth, sportswear, children’s clothing and more. Research the market and find out exactly what products are lacking in your area, this will help avoid unnecessary competition and give consumers what they really need.

Furniture and equipment


Undoubtedly, a cozy retail environment and an attractive exterior play an important role in driving sales.


  • One of the key factors is lighting that allows you to display the product in the right light: you should pay attention to the uniformity and intensity of the luminous flux, correct color reproduction, as well as low energy consumption.
  • Adequate hangers are required. Even though sometimes you do not have the opportunity to rent a large area MAF, you should not try to place your entire assortment on one or two hangers. Clothes that are too tight or too high hanging, which are difficult to see, quite often leads to the fact that the customer leaves for another store.
  • Set up a fitting area. Even if your space is limited, let it be at least 1-2 dressing rooms and a couple of mirrors so that visitors can properly evaluate the product.
  • Take care of the comfort. Install air conditioning and heating equipment so shoppers can spend as much time in the store as possible.
  • Ensure the attractiveness of display cases in the LFA. One of the best ways to draw the attention of passers-by to your assortment is to display the best product on mannequins. Do not forget about the correct lighting of the display case.
  • Install and regularly update: storefront stickers informing you of new products or discounts; lightboxes (for the roof and walls), which are wonderful eye-catchers at the store in the evening; pillars located right on the sidewalk and constantly reminding of the nearby shopping pavilion, and much more.