What types of commercial real estate are there?

Almost any commercial activity requires suitable non-residential premises that will be as convenient as possible for a particular type of activity. Entrepreneurs strive to rent real estate that meets all their requirements. The most popular classification divides it into 4 categories, which are most often found in all large cities (including Kharkov).


Industrial premises (workshop, technical building, hangar, etc.) in their specificity refer to a narrowly focused type of real estate, the demand for which has increased in recent years due to the active development of production. Renting them is rarely cheap, as the maintenance of such a building is quite costly, but the need to place equipment and ensure uninterrupted production requires a more thorough approach to the choice of commercial real estate.


Commercial premises (kiosks, trade pavilions, full-fledged buildings) are used to sell goods and services. They are one of the most popular types of non-residential real estate for rent, as trade in various product groups is booming. Modern trends also imply the combination of shopping and entertainment, but this applies mainly to large shopping centers, and for small businesses, which are small shops or, for example, hairdressing salons, comfortable and ergonomic LFAs remain relevant.


According to some sources, offices are also included in the list of the most demanded commercial real estate for buying and renting. The leap in economic development has marked the emergence of many companies, which, of course, need a cozy and comfortable office that can accommodate all employees and office equipment in order to organize a productive work process. In modern construction projects, open space offices without partition walls are gaining more and more popularity, which make it possible to organize the space in the way you need.


According to analysts, warehouses are one of the most promising sectors of the commercial real estate market. Due to the rapid development of business, the demand for rental of storage facilities is almost always consistently high.


The modern commercial real estate market is considered a promising economic segment. At the moment, it is able to fully satisfy the demand for warehouse and retail space, since there are a large number of buildings and LFAs suitable for this field of activity. Also, every day a large number of office construction projects are being implemented.