Which premises are suitable for a flower shop?

In many large cities (including Kharkiv), flower shops are in demand, unlike in rural areas, where residents have the opportunity to grow their own products. Trade in flowers is a lot of difficulties, as they require special storage conditions (suitable temperature, lighting, water, additional formulations, etc.). Buying or renting retail space is an important stage on which the success of your business directly depends.


The main goal of any entrepreneur in the selection of commercial real estate is a balance between two criteria: the amount of financial resources and the required profitability. For retail in this area, there are 3 most common types of premises:


1. MAF (shopping pavilions and kiosks)


This option is a great start for a small business with a modest budget. Renting a MAF is rarely expensive compared to full-fledged buildings, and in terms of characteristics, it is practically not inferior. Thanks to the supply of electricity, it is possible to ensure the operation of the air conditioning system, proper lighting and the installation of the necessary refrigeration equipment.


Among the most passing places, there are trade pavilions near the metro, in markets and just not far from residential areas. In such places, cut flowers and their decor make up most of the income, you can supplement them with ready-made bouquets. It is not recommended to purchase a large amount of goods, especially at the initial stages of business development.


2. Shop in the mall


Such stores require more capital investment, primarily due to the significantly higher cost of renting the premises. If you have such opportunities, then a good recommendation in this case would be to expand the range of non-perishable goods (houseplants, gift and souvenir products). This approach reduces the dependence of profitability on turnover and other business costs (for example, seasonality). However, even in this case, the payback process will last much longer.


3. Warehouses (for online stores)


Large investments are not required for this, the cost of renting a warehouse varies depending on the area, and it is not difficult to provide all the necessary conditions for storing products. It is undesirable to consider an online flower shop as an independent business project, since for most buyers the opportunity to personally evaluate the quality of perishable goods is still a priority, so the level of online sales is significantly lower. If you have been in this market for more than a year and have regular customers who are confident in the quality of your products, then online trading may be quite appropriate.