Why are shops on the ground floors of residential buildings so popular?

In the era of active development and modernization of trade in the last century, the problem of lack of retail space was solved by kiosks and trade pavilions, the installation of which was notable for its simplicity. That is why MAF lease among shop owners in big cities (including Kharkiv) has become widespread and still does not lose its popularity. However, the rapidly growing number of such retail premises created serious competition, especially in large markets. Thus, the new goal of entrepreneurs was to rent commercial real estate with an advantageous location, which contributes to the growth of profits. One of the exits is the first floors of residential buildings.


Modern residential quarters can be safely called a small city, whose residents, without leaving its borders, can receive all the necessary goods and services. It is not surprising that more and more commercial premises were placed on the first floors of residential buildings, this provided maximum convenience for potential buyers who could buy everything they needed without leaving their homes. As a result, the rental of retail real estate on the ground floor of a multi-storey building has become one of the most popular business solutions. There are both shops with a separate entrance, and combined with the entrance to residential apartments. In new residential complexes, already at the design stage, the first floors are equipped for retail premises or, for example, public catering, providing powerful exhaust systems and the necessary communications.


An important advantage of such commercial premises is the creation of new jobs, as well as an increase in the level of comfort for the residents of the house. In addition, the design of retail premises, complemented by, for example, panoramic windows or unique lighting, allows customers to receive not only the desired product or service, but also the aesthetic pleasure of being in the premises, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on business development.