Why do entrepreneurs prefer bus stop pavilions?

The development and modification of market relations over the years has undoubtedly had a significant impact on how modern big cities look like. Shopping stopping pavilions have become an integral part of the landscape of most of them (including Kharkov).


This commercial real estate is a type of LFA (small architectural form), the main purpose of which is the improvement of the city, in this case it is protection from bad weather waiting for passengers at public transport stops. In addition, if 10 years ago all the stopping pavilions were designed absolutely identically, now you can find creative architectural solutions that bring aesthetics to urban landscapes.


It is not a big discovery for any entrepreneur that there is excellent pedestrian traffic at ground transport stops most of the day. Thus, this type of MAF has become one of the best places for advertising or equipping full-fledged retail outlets. Over time, the purchase and lease of this type of commercial real estate has become incredibly popular, thanks to a steady influx of potential buyers. Stores for groceries or household chemicals, small coffee shops, newsstands and much more – stop shopping pavilions are great for all this.


Benefits of renting bus stop pavilions
• High chances of attracting the target customer for most types of products and services, due to the large influx of people;
• Excellent resistance of the materials from which the MAF is built to changing weather conditions (temperature drops and different levels of humidity);
• Possibility to carry out all the necessary communications and advertisements, inexpensive repair work;
• Presentable appearance, which makes the point of sale attractive to the consumer, and the durability of such commercial real estate;
• Affordable prices for renting trade pavilions of this type, as opposed to premises in capital buildings.


The above reasons have made stop pavilions one of the most popular types of commercial real estate for rent and purchase. Modern technologies have made it possible to maximally adjust the features of their design to meet the needs of many types of business activities.