4 important nuances when buying land for commercial real estate

Commercial land plots are areas intended for the construction of real estate for industrial and commercial activities (shop, warehouse, office, beauty salon, gas station and much more). In fact, in any big city (including Kharkiv), one of the main requirements when buying land for the construction of retail premises is its quick payback and high profitability.


Plots of land for commercial development as potential objects of purchase and sale are most often of interest to investors and developers themselves. Before buying land for the construction of commercial premises, you should pay attention to a number of factors that allow you to assess the profitability of the object.


1. The area is one of the key criteria, as it determines how large-scale construction project can be launched on a given site. The larger the building and the number of floors, the higher the price of the land where the structure will be located. Most often, entrepreneurs tend to buy large land plots near convenient transport interchanges for the construction of large shopping centers and supermarkets, which must be equipped with parking.
2. Location also plays an important role. Pricing policy in the central districts of the city and on its outskirts differs radically. It makes sense to buy a land plot at a high price in the center, since the chances of recoupment are much greater if it is used wisely. According to experts, it is best to build offices or entertainment facilities in the center, while the outskirts of cities with busy highways are convenient for locating logistics centers, industrial enterprises or warehouses.
3. Features of the environment and infrastructure are extremely important when buying or renting a land plot, these include the following factors: roads, the possibility of communications, soil characteristics, groundwater level, etc. The price also directly depends on these indicators.
4. Registration of a purchase and sale or lease agreement is noted as one of the most important points where legal assistance is required. A careful analysis of the terms and conditions specified in the agreement is required, since errors and shortcomings can lead to further conflicts between the parties.