Benefits of opening a coffee shop in LFA

In Kharkiv and other large cities, coffee is consumed in huge quantities, and small LFAs (kiosks or trade pavilions) selling take-away coffee are in great demand. The culture of coffee has taken a big leap forward in development, and many people prefer to pay a considerable sum for a cup of their favorite drink, rather than drinking it at home. Visiting expensive coffee shops is also not available to every city dweller, and not everyone has time for this. Therefore, the appearance of coffee shops in kiosks selling drinks with them is not surprising at all.


Many experts emphasize the high profitability of the above-described business model, especially if the company owns several points. The range of coffee drinks is simply amazing, which allows you to please the tastes of most consumers.


Difficulties you may face when opening a coffee shop
1. Knowledge about the recipe of coffee and about the conduct of the coffee business is required, since the number of buyers will directly depend on the quality of the offered product and the level of service.
2. Dependence on the season and location. For obvious reasons, hot coffee is more popular in the fall and winter. The way out: in the summer, customers can be offered a wide variety of cold coffee drinks. However, the dependence on the location really cannot be avoided and it is advisable to rent premises located on the streets with high pedestrian traffic.
3. Competition. Due to the popularity of takeaway coffee, the number of regularly opening points for its sale is considerable, which means that it is worth making efforts to make your product the most attractive to consumers.


Benefits of the IAF
1. Relatively low budget for starting a business. The most important advantage is that wholesalers provide good prices for ingredients for coffee drinks due to strong competition.
2. There is no need for commercial premises with a large area, in some cases even a kiosk of 5 m² may be sufficient. In addition, unlike full-fledged buildings, it will be much cheaper to buy or lease an MAF.
3. Renting a shopping pavilion with an area of ​​10 m² gives you the opportunity to open a small cafe where people can relax with coffee and delicious pastries, which will make your establishment more popular and increase traffic.
4. The low cost of renting a MAF is one of the factors that allows for a short period of time (1 year – six months) to recoup all the costs that arose in the process of starting a business. It is also important to note that the profitability of coffee houses is at least 50%.
5. Keeping records is not too difficult, experience in the restaurant business is not required.
6. High demand for the “coffee to go” format. Add to the excellent quality of the offered products excellent service and stylishly decorated premises, which will be difficult to pass by.