Confectionery shop in LFA: what do you need to open?

Almost always, when selecting commercial real estate for rent, we first of all pay attention to the location. The ideal choice is a crowded street with constant pedestrian traffic. However, things are not so simple with confectionery: this is not a classic grocery store that is always in demand. This type of product has a certain audience of consumers, and sales can be highly dependent on seasonality.


Given the above, it is important to rent a LFA, which is not only on the red line, but also stands out clearly from other outlets. If the space looks quite simple, then you need to make sure that it can accommodate outdoor advertising and a colorful sign that draws additional attention to the trade pavilion. Popular options for outdoor structures for pastry shops:


  • Banners (stickers) for showcases. It is simply impossible to pass by a high-quality and magnified many times over image of a beautiful cake or pastry;
  • A sign with a specially designed logo. An excellent solution for a chain of stores that will make your products recognizable;
  • Lightbox. A sign illuminated at night almost always attracts the eye, you want to look into such a place;
  • Pavement sign (open floor advertising). One of the most inexpensive options, all you need is to find a comfortable place near the sidewalk that does not interfere with the movement of pedestrians, but at the same time is conspicuous.


What might be needed?


  • If you intend to sell exclusively purchased products (biscuits, chocolates, pastries and cakes), then all you need is to select a LFA with a sufficient power level for the correct operation of the refrigeration equipment.
  • If you are planning to sell baked goods of your own production, then this will require the purchase of specialized ovens and other equipment. In this case, it is also desirable to provide water supply and sewerage. It is better to immediately rent a trading pavilion with everything you need, since such work, as a rule, is not cheap.


Recommended area: for small shops with sweets and cookies, commercial real estate with an area of ​​15-20 m2 is enough, but if you plan to sell a large assortment of cakes and pastries, then you may need a trading pavilion with an area of ​​25 to 40 m2, since most of the premises will be occupy refrigerators.