How to choose an office to rent?

The choice of office directly affects not only the comfort and productivity of your employees, but also the impression you make on clients and business partners. There are many factors that should be taken into account when renting office space: location, availability of repair work, area, ease of use, etc. – all of them affect the status and success of the company.


Modern construction is aimed at observing all the necessary standards to make the premises as comfortable as possible. In addition, often the reconstruction and high-quality repair of old buildings ultimately allows them to be converted into offices that are not inferior to new buildings. The choice of offices in the real estate market is amazing, which allows you to choose the option that is ideal for a particular type of enterprise.


Often, when renting offices, they are based solely on their cost, but in addition there are many other important nuances that affect the productivity of the use of premises.


Of course, if financial resources are limited, then there is no need to look for office space with a huge area and the ability to equip a recreation room. However, providing satisfactory working conditions and placing employees’ workplaces as comfortably as possible is a really important point. For example, according to experts, for an office for 10 employees and their convenient work, a room of 50 m² is enough, and if you also want to equip a kitchen and a meeting room, then you need at least 100 m².


Furniture and renovation work
In this case, it all depends on the amount of funds that you are willing to spend on rent. Of course, turnkey offices with renovation and even furniture (tables, wardrobes and chairs) will save you a lot of worries, and in fact, immediately after signing the contract, you can move in. If there is a need to save a little, then you can rent an office without the above-described advantages, having agreed in advance with the owner about the upcoming renovation work. As a rule, if you take care of the expenses, you are partially or completely exempted from paying the rent for a certain period. However, the decision to rent an office without renovation can also have a significant disadvantage: subsequent expenses can significantly exceed the cost of renting an office with a ready-made renovation.


In this case, it is not only a matter of prestige, which is undoubtedly also important, and an office in the city center really looks more high-status, but the ability to quickly and easily get to it is no less important, which causes more confidence on the part of clients. That is why, even if at the moment you cannot rent premises in the central areas, you should give preference to options close to transport interchanges.