The main criteria for choosing premises for a warehouse

When renting warehouse premises, many entrepreneurs are faced with the question of exactly what technical characteristics they must have in order to use them as efficiently as possible. Among the main ones, there are accessibility, optimal building height, area and structural features that correspond to the specifics of the goods stored there.


First of all, when renting a warehouse, you should pay attention to its location. In most cases, they choose buildings on the outskirts of cities, which are located near roadways. However, it is extremely important to give preference to places that will be close to the necessary infrastructure and are convenient for the employees themselves.


Often, the height of the building plays one of the key roles in the selection. The experience of most manufacturing companies shows that it is best to rent premises for a warehouse with a height of at least 7 m. Nevertheless, if temperature control is required for the stored goods, then it is better to rent a property lower.


Of course, without design features (roof, walls, insulation, flooring) that meet all standards, not a single high-quality structure that can be used effectively can do. Before renting a warehouse, it is important to pay attention to the possibility of providing good lighting, especially in areas where night work will be carried out. Also, the premises should be able to install hydraulic ramps, smoke detectors, a sprinkler-type fire extinguishing system and other devices that are used for a specific field of activity.


Equally important is the correct calculation of the required area of ​​storage facilities, measured taking into account the number of production units that can be placed on the floor or special racks. As a rule, when calculating, the area that is expected to be needed in the current year is added to this amount. When equipping offices, changing rooms and rest rooms on the territory of a rented warehouse, they are allotted no more than 15% of the entire building.