We select a warehouse for rent: classification criteria

Among the huge variety of premises for rent, it is sometimes quite difficult to decide on the final option, since important details are often forgotten, and real estate is selected only on the basis of the convenience of location and area. However, there are many other criteria that allow you to more competently approach the choice.


Warehouse rent: what should you pay attention to?


The size. At first glance, this seems obvious, nevertheless, many entrepreneurs lose sight of the possibility of expanding their enterprise, which ultimately leads to an urgent need to quickly look for another more suitable one, which is very difficult. That is why many people recommend renting a room with a slightly larger area. There are a lot of options: from small, several tens of square meters, to warehouses with an area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters.


Ceiling height. It directly depends on how useful you can use the room, since even in a warehouse with a small area, having sufficiently high ceilings, it is possible to stack goods in several tiers on special racks. Sometimes they need a warehouse loader, as the shelves can be up to 20 meters high.


Design features. In addition to classic closed buildings, semi-closed warehouses are also in demand in some areas, for example, having only a roof (in appearance they resemble a gazebo), or 2-3 walls. Moreover, there is the concept of an open warehouse, where all products are stored in a pre-equipped, guarded open area. However, if you need to maintain a certain temperature and humidity, you need a classic closed warehouse building and special equipment for this purpose.


Number of tenants. Often, if the warehouse has a large enough area and is divided into convenient sectors, several companies can rent it at once, which usually comes out cheaper in cost.


Product type. Depending on the characteristics of the premises and the ability to install the necessary equipment there, there are universal (for various types of goods) and specialized (for a certain type of goods) warehouses.