What do commercial property management companies do?

It doesn’t matter if you buy property or rent it for commercial purposes, not all entrepreneurs have the time and ability to manage it professionally. For owners and tenants of office, retail space or even warehouses, it is extremely important to establish a process for managing administrative issues in order to generate a stable income and minimize costs. Often in such cases special knowledge is required from businessmen, since the real estate market is constantly changing, creating new conditions. This is why the trust management service is in such high demand.


Main functions of the company


The main tasks of specialists in this field of activity are: competent management of commercial real estate objects, contributing to the growth of profits from them, ensuring the safety and legal correctness of all actions taken, solving technical problems (in agreement with the owner or tenant).


Working with commercial real estate requires a special approach, in contrast to residential buildings. In this case, the importance of knowing certain subtleties increases several times, whether it be an office or a store, both employees and consumers can suffer from incorrect decisions, and this means a decrease in the comfort and profitability of the enterprise. Therefore, in order to avoid risk, it makes sense to opt for trust management.


What are you getting?


• Lack of concern about the conscientiousness of tenants. Before renting out premises, all the necessary documents are carefully checked in order to fully ensure the safety of real estate. For the same purpose, objects are regularly visited to carry out checks according to a clearly formed plan.
• Calculation of rental rates and payment methods.
• Preparation before renting out. By agreement with the owner, repair work can be carried out (search for a contractor, full supervision of the necessary work processes) or minor problems can be eliminated.
• Search for tenants through advertising campaigns, promotion in social networks.
• Individual consultations regarding the management of commercial real estate, development of strategies to increase the volume of income from retail premises.
• Monitoring the health of the basic components for comfort during operation (water and electricity supply, ventilation system, heating, etc.) + monitoring the meter readings.