Commercial real estate in Kharkov

The rapid development of various business areas in Kharkov and other large cities has led to an increased demand for commercial real estate lease. This term refers to all premises used for the purpose of regular income from the sale of goods and services or profit from rental.
There are three main types of commercial real estate that are most in demand in Kharkov:
• Offices (administrative buildings, office centers or offices in them, apartments for office);
SAF (kiosks, trade pavilions, small shops, containers in the markets);
• Warehouses and production workshops (separate buildings, basements and basements of residential buildings);
What determines the cost of renting an SAF?
A number of factors can affect the rental price in Kharkov, you just have to prioritize:
1. The area of ​​the building, its layout, floor (the price is higher depending on the number of square meters and the convenience of the layout; the importance of floors varies depending on the purpose of the premises: they do not matter for offices, for warehouses, basement floors or basements will be preferable);
2. Location of the SAF (distance to the city center, transport interchange, infrastructure, etc.)
3. Availability of repairs and communications (the price is higher, depending on the degree of readiness of the premises for their intended use);
4. The presence of separate entrances and additional territory near the building.
When renting any commercial real estate (including SAF), rely on the characteristic features of its operation in your particular field of activity. Perhaps some of the above points do not play a special role (for example, a transport interchange, since you have your own vehicles), while others are of particular importance (for example, the location of a food pavilion on a busy street).