Rent MAF 9 m2 metro Student

Room type Commercial space
Area 9m2
Price 6000UAH 5000UAH
Address st. Valentinovskaya, 21
District Moscow district
Mark metro Studencheskaya, market, st. Valentinovskaya


Trade pavilion with an area of ​​9 square meters on Saltovka, at st. Valentinovskaya, 21. The pavilion is favorably located in the shopping aisle of the market, near the exit from the Studencheskaya metro station – a place with a dense flow of buyers. The pavilion design provides space for advertising and branding to attract the attention of potential customers. The pavilion is in excellent condition, has two separate entrances, the power of the power grid is 380V, which will cover the operation of any equipment and will allow organizing trade in any groups of goods.

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