Sale MAF Metro Studencheskaya

Room type Commercial space
Area 18m2
Price 300000UAH
Address street. Valentinovskaya, 21
District Moscow district
Mark m. Studencheskaya, market, st. Blukhera, 521 microdistrict


The trade pavilion is located on Saltovka street. Valentinovskaya (Blukhera), 21 The room is located on the market walk-through alley immediately at the exit from the station. m. Studencheskaya towards the 521 microdistrict, provides a huge flow of potential clients. Suitable for trading any type of product. The area of the room is 18 m2, two entrances, water and sewerage, power 380 V. The design of the facade and large glass showcases provide a place for advertising. The cost may vary due to the dollar exchange rate.

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