Rent a room 30 m2 on Alekseevka

Room type Commercial space
Area 30m2
Price 10000UAH
Address St. Myroslava Mysla, 50
District Shevchenko district
Mark m. Alekseevskaya, st. Tselinogradskaya, Studgorodok, st. Askharova


A commercial premises with an area of 30 m2 is available for rent. The commercial premises is located on the street. Myroslava Mysla (former Tsilinogradska St.) 100 meters from the Oleksiivska metro station. The pavilion is on the red line, parking is available. One of the main advantages of this commercial real estate object is the presence of 4 separate entrances from different sides of the building, which helps to attract a greater flow of potential customers. Due to constant car traffic and active pedestrian flow, good attendance of the store is ensured.


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