Rent 23 m2 on Gilardi


Room type Commercial space
Area 23m2
Price Rented
Addressst. Sapernaya, 32
District Kyiv district
MarkGilardi, st. Sapernaya, st. Shevchenko, Shishkovka district, market


A new project in Shishkovka on the street. Sapernaya, 32 (Gilardi district). A 23 m2 pavilion is located at the entrance to the marketplace. Nearby there is a public transport stop, two parking lots, a densely populated residential area, which guarantees intensive traffic of potential customers. The pavilion has a separate entrance, power supply 10 kW. Perfect for trading any type of product. Due to the absence of large shops and supermarkets nearby, a great demand will be provided for you. Your store may be here. Grow your business with us!



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