Rent a room 30 m2 on Alekseevka


Room type Commercial space
Area 30m2
Price Rented
Address Tselinogradskaya street, 50
District Shevchenko district
Mark m. Alekseevskaya, st. Tselinogradskaya, Studgorodok, st. Askharova


Pavilion 30m2 is located at the “Studgorodok” transport stop, 100 meters from the Alekseevskaya metro station, on the street. Akhsarov (street Tselinogradska, 50). Red line, there is a possibility of stopping cars. The room has 4 separate entrances from different sides, which helps to attract a greater flow of potential customers. Due to the constant car traffic and active pedestrian flow, a huge demand is guaranteed for you.

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